WoW "Announcement"

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Way of Wade "Announcement"

First design for Wade's shoe, consequently he made an "Announcement" without hesitation to work together with Li-Ning

Upper:       Premium Leather/ Texture Fabrics

Outsole:     TPU/EVA/Carbon Fiber

Colorways:  Black/White-Red


1. W design on toe to stand for Wade and comes with more protection. 
2. DW Prints on the outsole 
3. ZZDG on th heel stands for Dwyane Wade's son Zaire, Zion, Nephew Dada and girlfrind Gabrielle; Number 91 on outsole stands for his grandmonther's age; 11105 for the age of his son(Zaire  11, Dada  10 and Zion  5) 
4. Dwyane Wade's logo on the heel and tongue 
5. unqiue TPU tech from Li-Ning with Femack sutures tech for more protection and support. 
6. Durable outsole. 
7. Li-Ning Classic Cushion tech. 
8. Carbon Filber on midsole 
9. Premium Leather + Textile.


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