Evergreen "TITAN" Badminton Shoe AYTG068-3- Unisex

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LI-NING "Titan" Badminton Shoe AYTG068-3

  • Air Circulation: Scientifically contoured to provide extra comfort and stability in the fore foot and toe areas. Provide proper air circulation.
  • Anti-Slip: Anti-Slip Technology provides the most stability on the court.
  • Insole Cushion: Cushion Technology deliver ultimate support and excellent cushioning and disperse impact on the heels.
  • HQ-Eva: High Quality molded EVA for better shock absorption and joint protection.
  • Tech Os Design: Scientifically- designed out sole pattern provides best forward and backward movement, jumping, smashing and stability.
  • Special Compound Os: Special compound rubber for better foot movement and performance which provides good friction and improve traction.
  • Probar Loc: Provides the stability for foot movement on the court.

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